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  • 75 sump, 3 1.5" tru unions, and stand $75
    Includes 2 drews dosers
    Dozen filter socks
    2 part jugs and BRS 2 part
    3 30 gal brute cans

    I'll take 'em.
    hello, im interested in $100 dollars worth shipped, getback to me and let me know how much that is taking in account shipping. interested in purple slimer, free gsp, candy canes, colorful zoas, let me know. juan carrillo, laredo, tx 78046
    Hey how've you been? I saw your post and wanted to come out again for a few more or your corals. I was interested in the Tyree Pink Lemonade and one of the RBTA. I've got a chalice if you wanted to do a trade. Not sure what the name of it is but its blue with pink eyes and a purpleish growthe ring. I also just got what I think is a superman/forest fire digitata, I'm really not sure if that is what it is but it looks pretty similar when I googled it. Its still small but I could get you a single stalk about an inch and a half. If your not interested in the trades thats cool. Thanks. My number is 940-5466 if you didn't still have it.
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