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  • Carlos,

    Doug L (former CMAS prez) is out of the hobby and his family is looking to get rid of his reef tanks, etc.

    I know that ReefCentral has policies on selling stuff.

    Is it OK to announce a sale, listing items that are for sale?
    Can we say the whole lot is for sale, including items such as x,y and z?
    Or would RC be expecting prices on each item listed?

    Mike Kirda
    im new to the forum. I was reffered here by another member and ive been searching for a for sale thread or something of that sort. Are you allowed to sell a single item on Reef Central? I have a really large frag tank that I thought would be appropriate to sell on here, but I diddnt know if that was allowed and couldnt find any rules about private party sales or anything like that on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
    hi carlos just wanted to apologize for the post before. I had seen non-reef things on here before, not necessarily for sale, so i didn't realize it was a problem. will not happen again. again just wanted to apologize thanks again
    Hi Carlos,

    Sorry about the sell post. I have been a member since 2006 but usually looked to buy. I have recently purchased a few coral off reef central. I am in the process of upsizing my 37 gallon to 75 gallons and I had some items that could offset the upgrade costs. Once again I apologize and look forward to being able to sell/trade. This website is great and am anxious to be able to utilize all the benefits.

    Mark (chemmjm)
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