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    Diamond goby suddenly aggressive with clown fish?

    The tank is a 50 cube with lots of sand rock work. Prparameters aren't perfect but stable. Besides a bunch of LPS and a RBTA that's split twice, the goby and the the mocha storm Clowns are the only thing in the tank. They've been in there since May 2 with no issue. Now the goby is showing...
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    Clown ID please

    They look like snowflake ocellaris
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    Mated clowns turning on each other.

    I have 50g cube with a bunch of LPS and a RBTA that split about six months ago and now both are over 6in across. A month ago I added 2 "mocha storm" Occ clowns to the tank. The only other fish is a diamond goby. In the past two weeks the female has started attacking the male almost...
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    Overflow question

    No dead flow corners or awkward spaces and it'll skim the full surface of the tank. No film on the top. But its just a suggestion not a reccomendation.
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    Overflow question

    Depending on the thickness of the new overflow you might not need the reinforcement of glass. I wouldn't use anything less than 1/4 inch. I tried to build a sump and used 1/8 inch for baffles and all of them flexed, than gave out haha. If you're redoing the overflow, you might consider a...
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    Stocking a 50gallon cube.

    My SCA 50 gallon PNP system has been running for about 18 months with roughly 40lbs LR and 40lbs of sand. The sump holds about 10 gallons and the fuge section has a bunch of marine pure spheres with a tiny bit of cheato (that doesn't grow) in it. In the tank 2 Occ clowns 1 Diamond goby Red BTA...
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    Lighting a 50 gallon cube?

    Thanks for your input. I plan on mostly keeping euphyllia, but itll end up being a mixed reef. Clams and sand bed coral are out for me though because of my hyperactive diamond goby haha. That's why I think i could get away with a xr15, and save $400. That Mitras lx7204 looks like it would...
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    Lighting a 50 gallon cube?

    So after doing some research I'm torn between doing an xr15 g5 and a mitras lx7204. I dont need the lx7206 because the tank is only 24x24. I'm sure the mitras has a better spread but I cant help but think the quality of light from the radion would be better. Plus the xr15 is $100 cheaper.
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    Lighting a 50 gallon cube?

    I have a SCA 50 gal cube (24x24x20) with an AI prime over it. I want it to look good and grow whatever. If you had around $700 to throw at it, what would you do?
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    Quick ID

    My fish store gave me this thinking it was coraline, but it has polyps and grows super fast.