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  • Hey Wayne. How have you been?? I am in North Ridgeville now. I will take you up on that coral offer now. As everything I have is now dead white. Ugh. Gotta love when you try and do it right something stupid happens and destroys it all. Let me know when your free and we can meet up. Ben
    I need to update my blog I have sold most of my tanks. I only have a frag tank at this time. I am in Westwood Farms where are you located?
    Well, just tell him another guy (me) is gonna swing by with the cash on saturday if he doesn't want it! LOL! Yeah, just keep me up to date, I have been looking for a cube for a while now, would prefer about a hundred gallons but, a little smaller is nice too! What is that tank, about 80 gallons?
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