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    Waterbox Infinia 165.4 fish stock list

    Thank, I will keep that in mind! :-) I have a powder blue tang (Timmy!) who’s definitely not coming! He’s a twat, definitely staying behind in his old tank :D
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    Curing Aquascape in tank? - Getting it right the first time

    Oh aye, the ‘biome cycle playlist’ - yeah, definitely following that one! :-) Thanks
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    Waterbox Infinia 165.4 fish stock list

    Thank you for that input- I was thinking that the copperband might be a risky one to add, I didn’t think the fire fish would be an issue thought but you might very well be right about that! I love the Copperband, i always wanted one but i do not want to act irresponsible either! :) The tangs...
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    Curing Aquascape in tank? - Getting it right the first time

    Hi Reefers, I will be starting a new tank (165 gallons) within the next month or so- and this time, I want to get off to the best start possible avoiding (.. as much as possible!) the ‘uglies’. As i am working away off shore for extended periods of time, I am planning on doing this by...
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    Waterbox Infinia 165.4 fish stock list

    Hi fellow Reefers! :) It’s finally happening- we will be upgrading from a Red Sea Reefer 170 into a Waterbox Infinia 165.4. I would like to share the stocking list that I have in my head- and have all your valuable inputs why this is- or is not realistic. The tank is 4 ft long and the total...
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    Calcium PPM keeps rising from no apparent reason

    Hi Reefers, I have been battling with my reef chemistry for a couple of months or so now, and while most of it is under control i still struggling controlling my Calcium PPM. I have a Red Sea 170 L system which is fairly well stocked and have a decent consumption of Alkalinity with below...
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    AI Prime light for refugium

    I’m gonna give it a go- what could possibly go wrong? :D If i do not achieve the desired results i might change to a Kessil light.. Thanks!
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    AI Prime light for refugium

    Hi Reefers, I am converting my ATO container to a refugium and I am planning on using my old AI Prime reef light for the refugium until I can afford a more suitable light. Does anyone have any experience with this- and which settings am i looking for? Reckon a red/green spectrum would be...
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    Neptune Apex - Wirelessly connect two systems?

    Hi Reefers, Firstly- if this post is in the wrong category; I'm sorry! I can't seem to find a designated 'Controller' forum on RC. Now, I currently have two reef tanks with a third one coming in different parts of the house. I am afraid I know the answer to this already, but is there any way...
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    New Tank Help (returning reefer)

    @Rovert Cade Aquariums, like many other manufactures of premium aquariums have their tanks made and shipped in containers from their facility in China so I am sure they can ship to the US without breaking anything :p
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    I made a Reef Controller - RIFT Machine

    Well done!! (y)
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    New Tank Help (returning reefer)

    Knowing this might not be the most popular option on a, predominantly American forum but I'd give Australian company Cade a look! They make stunning tanks and the quality and craftmanship cannot be debated with 100% waterproof/safe materials such as anodized aluminum and glass doors. Systems...
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    General Progress - Photos

    Very nice indeed! Thanks for sharing, will be looking forward to following the progress! :) Might have said it before, but that Bubbletip is amazing! Would kill to have one of those in my tank! :eek:
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    Need Help Finding Nano Tank w/ Internal Overflow

    Definitely agree with @AJP - the Fluval Evo 13.5 is a cracking wee tank. We currently have two running alongside our Red Sea Tank (One for Frag, one for Quarantine) but we used to have them as full-on reef tanks. If 13.5 gallon is big enough for you, this is the one to beat. Alternatively...
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    Neptune SKY - Anyone who has 'real life' experience?

    Thanks Vinny, that is one sexy looking LED. I will definitely have a look in my LFS if they have that one- sadly we're not as "well equipped" over here in Scotland as you guys across the pond :p