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  • Chris the corals I picked up today were
    1 Ora Kelly green psammocora
    2 Red Dragon
    I didn't know you were the speaker this month. Back in November I made a recommendation that they get members like you to talk at the meetings instead of flying people in and paying for hotels.You will more than likely help more than any of those guys. By the way I have to say you have a beautiful tank ant house. Im really glad I finally saw it in person. See you at the meeting

    Hi Chris
    This is Matt .You purchased RBT off me. I fragged a nice piece of the Red Planet if you still want it. Im looking for something that is bright purple if you want to trade.
    My number is 631 807 6450
    I know the post on the forums is REALLY old, but was wondering if you were still offering frags for sale. I'd be interested in coming by and taking a look at what you have. I'm in East Setauket so whatever time you have available I'd like to make arrangements to come by.

    Thanks again!

    Hey chris
    Can u send me ur adress. I have to work till 1or 2 o'clock?
    Is 2:30/3:00 ok for you? Btw, I new to the site n cant post private messages yet.
    Thanks, Tony
    Hey Chris,
    That sounds good. I will check back in with u
    Tomorrow or friday. Hopefully we can set something up for Saturday.
    Thanks, Tony
    Hey chris.
    Sorry bout that.Didn't realize thread was so old. Lol
    Do u still have any good corals for sale? ...
    I tried to private message u but it says u mailbox is full....
    dropoff is tentatively scheduled for 7:30 to 8:00 pm at my house. I will send you my home address via PM however your PM box is full.
    Hello Chris,
    Do you have any frags available? looking for SPS, LPS, I'm looking to purchase this weekend. Thanks, Greg (CaptiveReef) 631-827-9030
    I'm interested in Blue Ricordia, Neon Green Acro, Blue Millepora and yellow porities if they are still available.
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