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    green bubble shrooms.

    The green bubbles are definately part of the mushroom. Thats why when I saw them in a store years ago I snapped them up. They are the coolist mushrooms I have ever seem and repoduce ok. When I set up my new tank I will try and grow them out like crazy.
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    green bubble shrooms.

    Here is a pic I took today but the tank was just moved and the 20k NH was not on at the time. Crappy pic but you can see the shrooms better.
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    green bubble shrooms.

    They are mushrooms. You just can't tell by the pic very well. I will try and post better pic in few.
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    green bubble shrooms.

    Hello I have had these shrooms for a couple years and never seen any other like them. Any one know what type they are? Thanks
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    Can you guys ID this guy?

    That is wunderpus.
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    Oceanic reef ready questions

    Thanks for all the input! It's a big help! Chris
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    Oceanic reef ready questions

    Thanks, So are the hose barbs included in the overflow kit or do I need to buy a 3/4" hose barb and a 1 1/4" hose barb to plug into the bulkheads under the tank? Are the bulkheads slip it threaded?
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    Oceanic reef ready questions

    Hi I am setting up a 70 gallon oceanic reef ready system this weekend. I have not picked up the tank yet and need to know what the over flow kit comes with for hose barbs that plumb the return line to the sump. I am building my own sump and I am not sure what exactly the overflow kit comes with...
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    My BEST hitchhiker is an OCTOPUS!

    Very Nice. It looks to be octopus briareus. You will need a lid though as they are prone to escape. Good luck!
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    Oceanic 58 club

    Hi I am thinking about doing a oceanic 58 tank. Can the walls be drilled on these tanks? Thanks
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    aiptasia control

    If you get some Joes juice and attach a small diameter tubing to the end maybe 1/8" or 1/16" you could use that. Some place like McMaster Carr would have it and you can look them up on line. You also try some of these but I am not sure if the mantis would dine on them or not...
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    id pls

    Very nice picture. There is a species called the hairy octopus but thats not it. All octopuises can change their skin texture to some degree, some more than others. The raised or branched skin projections are called "papillae" It is used for breaking up the octopuses outline and make it...
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    how do you keep your octo in your tank?

    If you want a tank you can keep about any octopus in you will need to drill the tank and use bulk heads so you can seal up the tank. Tanks that have power cords hanging over the edge or a hang on skimmer are much harder to seal up. Some species like O.bimaculoides are more prone to stay in the...
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    Finnex 23" HO T5 Fixture - 4 Bulb x 24w Complete

    Hi are reflectors included in this fixture? I am putting together a 25 aga tank 24" x 20" x 12" and this seems like it might be a good choice in lighting. Could I keep sps with this light? Thanks
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    150g octopus tank

    Corner overflows can be tricky. I don't like them in octopus tanks because when young, they can crawl right though them. You can modify them with a fine screen over them attached some how but they are still not my preferred method. A large species could also block one completely causing a...