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    Why are there no posts here?

    So i just moved down to Fort Myers and there are no posts in this group, Why?
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    Jugs for hauling water?

    Any suggestions for jugs for hauling about 5g of water? I know I could get buckets from home depot and such but I am seeing if there are any other ways
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    Used Ecotech marine radion gen 3 pro or new AI hydra 26

    I have the chance of picking up a used Ecotech marine radion gen 3 pro for $300 or I was going to get a new AI hydra 26 for my new 54g corner tank. I'll be keeping softies, LPS, and easy SPS but is picking up a radion too good of a deal to pass up?
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    Ocean revive lights?

    Any pics of your setup? They are not full spectrum right?
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    Ocean revive lights?

    Anbody have any reviews on them? They're running a promotion on them and at under $160 two of them are affordable .
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    Silly question

    So I have a stand/table that is 35 1/2 long and I'm thinking of putting a 40g breeder on it which is 36 in long . What do you guys think?
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    Small Powerheads

    I'm in Bristol.
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    Small Powerheads

    I have 2 koralia nano 425's and their are a little weak for my 20g long. I use a tunze 6015 and I love that. If you still want some 425's I could sell my 2 for $30.
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    reefbreeders, AI Hydra, Radion Gen2

    I've been using ecoexotic panorama pro's over my 20g for about a year, now. My chemistry hasn't been right on but now I've finally got it down. I'm using 2x blue/white and 1x magenta/blue on a 3 way splitter and on a dimmer. My dimmer just quit and I thought of getting the new ecoxotic...
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    Blake's Aqua Den

    I'm glad that everyone is loving the store! Its nice to support a local business especially one that is just starting out. Keep up the good buzz!
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    i would as long as you could say an hour and then put them in. what else could you do
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    Budget Friendly Lighting for a 18x18 cube

    Which par38 are you suggesting?
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    adding LED to CF quad

    I use ecoxotic panorama pro's as well. 2 blue/white and 1 blue/magenta on my 20g long. For the money I would do a reefbreeders value fixture or maybe a kessil.
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    adding LED to CF quad

    Wait and save your money for the right fixture. You'll be glad in the long run