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  • I do not know what is going on BUT I did reply to you I have one. And this will be the last time I will reply about it
    I don't want to miss lead you . I will know for sure tommorrow . Small 1" maybe only two polyps . I was hoping somebody was harvesting zenia or something . A colony that size would not be fair . Are you willing to come out here ? I ca get a pic of the piece tomorrow . Thanks bob.
    hey craig hows it going? i had a question for you i got referred to a place by someone and its called global aquatic impots or something like that its a wholesaler by ohare and i looked them up on here and one of the forums that it was in had ur username name on there so i thought i would ask you how that place is. what do they have there and what do you think about there prices?
    hey cet, fijiblue told me to pm you about the tank you got from him.
    you can pm me or call whenever you'd like.
    thanks, corey
    I'm in what info do you need
    Jim Smith
    1806 Division St
    St Charles IL 60174
    I've order with bulk before great place, when do we have to have are order in by ?
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