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    FS: SeaChem Reef salt

    Salt is all sold.....mods please close, thx
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    210 gig set up for sale $3000.00

    Sad to see this magnificent reef being broken down..... Please know that this is one of the finest reef tanks I know and the new owner will be getting the very best from a great guy. Buy with confidence! Hope all is well with you and the family Dave...been too long old friend
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    FS: SeaChem Reef salt

    All salt is currently pending....I will update this thread when it is officially gone. Thank you for looking.
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    (2) Very Healthy Leopard Wrasses FS

    Both wrasses have been sold and picked up....thank you. Mods please close this thread.
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    (2) Very Healthy Leopard Wrasses FS

    I have two leopard wrasses I would like to re-home. Potter's Leopard Wrasse - approx 3-1/2" to 4" long - big and fat!!! $70 Ornate Leopard Wrasse - approx 2-12" to 3" long - big and fat!!! $50 Both of these fish are extremely healthy and eat Prime Reef flakes and Spectrum pellets. I have had...
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    FS: SeaChem Reef salt

    I have two 160gal buckets and one 200gal box of SeaChem Reef salt. 160gal - $45 each 200gal - $50 Serious buyers only please, thank you! Pick up in only please...No trades. Thanks for lookin'...
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    Looking for sticks

    myself.....of course ;) been too long Dave....hope the family, and the chicks, are doing well my friend :D
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    Looking for sticks

    I don't have any sticks, but I noticed two posts here from two people I know and like.... Happy New Year guys!!! All the best for 2016 :)
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    HELP! Leopard Wrasse broke its beak :(

    so, here we are almost 6 months later and I am happy to report that in fact, the top tooth of my big fat Potters Leopard Wrasse is slowly growing back :thumbsup: It has never lost it's appetite or natural instinct to hunt. I am thrilled to see it's once "hard to look at" broken face starting to...
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    Just started to cycle

    the use of Dr. Tim's requires that you add live fish within 24 hrs of dosing as per the manufacture it is safe to add live fish when using their product....
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    Heater question

    ditto on Eheim heaters as stand alone units and Finnex Titanium + Apex.... I do both (on separate systems) :thumbsup:
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    free 125

    Wow.....thanks extremely generous of you :thumbsup:
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    LF Rimless Large Aquariums