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  • I could trade hornets for hornets, text me and lmk what you want to do. 3524289003
    when do you want to meet up for the pump trade?they are both ready to go.i would take some rainbows from you,i can get you like 2-3 polyps of the CAR's to trade.you can call me at 727-366-0335
    Sounds good we can do the Cut when ever he feels that it would be okay, I would hate to have them die. Did you want any of the other Zoa's? I would love to geet some CAR's mine fell behind some rocks and I dont think they are going to make it. just let me know. If you know anybody looking for a nice larger efflo I'm looking to trade that also.

    Thanks alot David
    david,i got the zoas today but they sent a 2 polyp frag instead of two individual polyps.John from FAOIS picked them up from me and has them at his store.we both figured it was best not to cut them up today since they were just shipped.i will have him frag them up in a few days and we can meet up after that,probably sat night or sunday.i have both mp-10's cleaned up and reboxed,i have all the extra parts,boxes and instructions.
    Hey David,I ordered the zoos yesterday and sent the payment.they will ship out on Monday for Tuesday delivery.we will have to figure out a meeting time and place.also if you want I will bring the 2 mp-10's and we can trade the pumps at the same time.Let me know so I can get the pumps cleaned up.
    hey, how are you guys doing? give me your number for i have lost it again. we need to get together some time.

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