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    DSA NEO 65 Gallon FS

    If I do part it out live stock would have to go first.
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    Looking for Zoas

    I will post prices if nobody buys the system. LIVE STOCK Purple Tang Yellow Corrie Wrasse 2 Chrome 2 Clowns Hippo Tang 18+ Different Zoas (Emeralds on fire 40+, Utter Chaos 3, CAR 7, Tinker Bells 60+, BBEB 25, Scrable Egg something 25, Devils Armor 100+, Yoda 50+, Fruitloops 50+, Captian...
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    DSA NEO 65 Gallon FS

    $2000 for everything Tank and Equipment DSA Neo 65 Gallon tank, Stand, Floating Canopy, Eshopps Sump, Eshopps Skimmer PSK 75, 2 x AI Hydra 26 with Wireless Controller, Tunze ATO, Digital Aquatics Lite with extra PC4 strip, Vortech MP40, Sicce Syncra Pro return pump, 5 stage RO/DI, Piranha...
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    Rimless tanks

    I have a DSA NEO 65 with a floating canopy that I'm selling.
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    Free Dragon Breath macroalgea

    I have dragon breath macroalgea clippings. Free pickup at meeting Saturday. :)
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    2015 Membership Info

    We are paid. :)
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    2015 Membership Info

    Do we get a membership card? I paid 9/15/15 for family but don't recall getting a card. So maybe not. :)
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    Getting Out Livestock MEGA SALE

    Glws just wrong timing or I would be getting a bunch of your zoas.
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    FS: Frags

    Smurfette is it the blue with pink?
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    Heck tell him about the live sale u can get some crazy deals online Saturday.
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    It's a boy! And a boy. And a boy. And.......

    Just go into the clown breeding forum.
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    Leopard Wrasse

    I had a flame wrasse that did the same thing never saw him for long and then he was gone, he was in the overflow for about 2 months good thing I didn't turn pumps off then to do feedings. I had him for about 5 years and he made me check my overflows anytime I have had a missing fish.
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    Any LFS have copper band butterfly fish?

    FAOIS had 2.
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    Has anybody upgraded Vortech to QD, any opinions on others.

    Sounds good just didn't want to spend the money and have been better off buying something else new.
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    Has anybody upgraded Vortech to QD, any opinions on others.

    I have 2 Mp10 and a MP40 I was planning on using with my new tank that I just setup DSA Neo 65. The MP40 is to loud for me to put on the new setup. I wanted to make this a very quite system so just wanted to see if people have done this upgrade in the group with good results. Other options is...