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    bamboo shark egg

    + 1... don't get mad.... these were poor choices for a 55g... I can say that when I finally got a 55g I felt like I could house anything... unfortunately small fish WILL grow and grow and grow and grow. You get the idea.
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    Moorish Idol

    since you have a bigger set-up for them why not use it? gorgeous fish.... hope it all works out.
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    Question about established yellow and blue tangs

    I would never stick a LFS-bought fish directly into .02
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    Skimmer level drops during feeding?

    dude....that is funny...
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    Skimmer level drops during feeding? further only for curiosity... :)
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    Hobby regrets

    I regret my aunt and uncle giving me their unused 29g back in the '80s so I could make the switch from fresh to salt I regret ever getting a wallet since because my money seems to disappear as soon as I accumulate any...
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    Lanthanum Cloride

    appreciate the numbers...curious to see what the next dose beginning/ending numbers are...
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    Normal cost to install dedicated circuits for the tank?

    +1 on the job...layman don't need to go digging around the power box and $350 is a small price to pay for job done correctly and safely...I'd do it
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    Planted refugium

    white mangroves mangrove mangrove on water's edge.... I suspect only red is sold but this is FYI...
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    Planted refugium

    There are two types of and black or red and grows in water and one grows terrestrially but forgot which was which... I'll go check my Marine Biology college textbook and post momentarily...
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    What's up with people selling there old equipment for crazy prices?

    supply...demand...capitalism...if price is unrealistic to you, move on....not saying you are new, but people need to realize that this is a hobby that will melt your wallet and it has been doing so for years, even decades....
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    prices for zoa's

    supply....demand....capitalism....get what you can get while you can get it...
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    Advice: 500+ Gallon Reef Tank on First Floor (Basement beneath)

    Be careful drilling around existing water pipes...I drilled a $75 mistake...:mad: