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  • Charlene, where did you get the see horses? Setting up a 35 hex for the kids that is part of the main system. Any recommendations for more seahorse background info?

    Charlene, I sent you an email - need help desperately with my seahorse. Hoping you might know of someone who might be willing to take him until I can get a proper tank set up. My son gave him to me for a 50th bday surprise and the pet store never told him the importance of cycling the tank. Can you, or do you know someone, who can help? :(
    Wendy/Bolton CT
    Charlene ,all the frags are doing great!! Finally a positive point!! Then my tank breaks. Im starting to think the "tank god" doesnt like me Hopefully I ll be setup with a new tank this weekend
    Hey Charlene hope you have managed to survive the storm.
    I asked Todd to look into the cost of getting some live mysis shrimp. do you think you may be interested in this as well depending on cost?
    Hey Charlene i have a seahorse question for you. Have you ever fed yours horses live guppy or black molly fry? I was doing some reading and am now considering getting a couple of guppy's or molly's to breed for food. Fintastics got me a male horse so i now have a happy treo. and i just picked up a cpr hob fuge with a light. will replace mty existing filter with this.
    Your frozen food is here. There was no barnical blenny on the list this week, and the stock list for the PH meters will be here tomorow so we can order...The mag test kits are out of stock at BRS....its been fun day.. TOodd
    Ok I'm trying to do this friend thing and keep messing it up. Hopefully it worked!
    Hey Charlene I wrangled up a couple of koralia nano's for you. please pm or call me so we can arrange a time/place to meet up to get those to you :)
    It's all good like if you do decide to move your tank a couple guys and just draining it to 25% might work, lmk if you should need a hand.
    tomorrow after 330 or so would work. I have a couple medium pieces, a piece of shelf rock, and a large piece left.
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