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    WTB Pico/ Nano

    i probably have something you can put together down in the basement and again, N/C
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    WTB beginner corals

    are you going to OSRAS conference? if so, send me a pm I am leaving for RI by 10AM tomorrow. I have some easy corals you can have for free. if you cant it there, we set up a time
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    Sad day on the reef...

    sorry to hear, it never gets easier
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    WTB Chiller for 20g

    my husband is making a chiller for my seahorse tank from items he has bought online. send me your email address and I will get the info to you. charlene
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    Looking for a small tank

    i have a powerhead and filter you can have n/c call fintastic,860-290-1721, they have used tanks in storage from their move. asking $5.00 for a 20g and others. charlene
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    I will be there, see you all at the table:thumbsup:
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    Corals for sale finally :)

    I would like to ask for a pink/gold. are you going to OSRAS conference?:wavehand:
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    i am so sorry this took so long to answer. I certainly do remember you and yor mom. I hope...

    i am so sorry this took so long to answer. I certainly do remember you and yor mom. I hope things are going good. i am not on line very much, busy helping out another friend. if you need to reach me, 860-742-1499 or i am at fintastic's cant remember their # offhand. take care Charlene
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    Wtb nano

    I probably have something in the cellar storage, does it have to new? please pm or email. I am not onsite very often. it would be free
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    Thanks icycoral

    he is a very good person and an excellent person to have as a friend:thumbsup:
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    I'm looking for a few things

    if you some to the next meeting, I would like to be on the list:fun4:
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    Anyone have xtra grape caulerpa or other?

    I have some regular green caulerpa I can weedout. send an email,I am not on site very often
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    worst thing that could of happen

    email me when ready for more waterkids and I can see what I can give. I am not onsite very often
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    just fried 300$ worth of leds

    how silent were you them?????:lolspin: ps, I have named my sea hare,drumstick, eating away