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  • Alkalinity is probably to most important parameter to keep an eye on because it indicates how stable your tank is. My advice is to test it every day. If it is low then you should calculate how much alk you need using the BRS calculator. Once you figure out how much you need to raise it then you can figure out how much to add over a longer time span to get it up to your goal. You may be interested in this article-

    It can be frustrating. Good things will happen slowly and bad things will happen quickly in a reef tank so go slow.
    I have had a big problem keeping alkalinity. I would guess for about 3 years now. I am very happy how it has performed but now have had trouble keeping alkalinity. Very frustrating. I have a 55 gallon loaded with Sps. I have been unable to keep alkalinity stable. I have been running a koralin calcium reactor. Any ideas? Very frustrating when reef tank is growing so quickly, consuming so many elements.
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