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    For sale...

    Everything is sold and gone. :) :(
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    For sale...

    Sale is pending for the whole setup....
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    For sale...

    The fuge is actually a 30 gallon long tank I was using as a "fuge". Guess I should have been more specific, sorry. The dimensions are 36x12x17h I have had numerous pms on separate items. I told all that I would consider separating if it doesnt sell within the week as a whole.
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    For sale...

    The outer rim is 51"X 32.5" It stands 25" tall.
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    For sale...

    Actually, I think I have reproducing ceriths, stomatella, and some tiny snail , cant remember the name. Trochus?Strombus? dont remember. It came from the IPSF? I think.
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    For sale...

    100 gal heavy duty Rubbermaid livestock watering tank (sump)with 100+ lbs of liverock 30 gal "fuge" tank with about 25 lbs of sand and rubble. Tide Pools overflow system with Tom Aquatic suction pump Tons of critters: snails,microbrits,microstars,bristleworms,pods, a few hermits and misc...
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    Filter Questions

    Great! You have a PM.
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    Filter Questions

    I am planning on going to the March meeting at Petco as long as work doesn't change my mind for me. ;) I will be glad to bring you some chaeto, I need to throw out a 5 gallon bucket full. I hate to throw it in the garbage. If you need it before then, I live in Decatur if you want to come get...
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    Electric eel Xmas tree

    Wow that's pretty amazing. The first link works fine for me. Hmmm. Wonder how many of those it would take to run my house. :p
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    55 gal tank and oak stand with VHO for sale

    Tank is 48"X36"? How tall is it?
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    Thank you, 8Ball and Shannon!!!

    Thanks Will and Shannon! Great meeting as usual! Thanks Will for posting the battery backup links. I have already ordered most everything. :D
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    vinyl backgroung...

    The only reason I am not going to paint is because my tank is an inwall tank and I will have access to the back. I want to leave the option open to peak in if I want from behind a rock structure or something. I am going to try a thin black sheet of acrylic that I can tape on and peel back if...
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    July meeting

    green spaghetti worms? hmm, I don't believe I have any of those. I would love to add those to my fuge if you get a chance to fish some out... I already have micro stars though. I can separate some of my codium if anyone is interested. It has decided to grow now.
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    show me your CUBE!!!

    What is this????
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    Flatworm Invasion

    Are you sure about that number? Can you recount them please? Seriously though, the next time my population of flatworms rises I am going to work out a deal with a LFS and trade wrasses until I find one that eats them. He will have a home for life. Hopefully, unlike the nudi, he will eat other...