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  • Well I actually decided to go with an Asfur Angel in my reef. Only reason why I decided to go that route was because of my established fish and not the corals. If I could do it all over again, I would certainly start with a Queen angel and then add fish around him. In a reef with mostly stony corals I would not think twice! I think your shrimp will be fine. How big of a set-up will it be? Mostly SPS?
    Chrisqueenz -

    I was looking at an older post called Show me your Angels and saw where you had posted regarding your Queen Angel. I was wondering how your angel is doing? What size tank is she in and do you have any corals or inverts?

    I find a lot of conflicting information regarding these fish. I have had great success in growing sponge in my previous tanks so I was planning a sponge growout tank in the setup to be able to keep the tank stocked for grazing. I am just not sure if I will be able to keep corals, shrimp or other inverts. I would greatly appreciate your input.

    I am planning a large reef tank and would like a Queen Angel. I will probably only have the Queen and a large school of chromis.

    New Orleans
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