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    Non-Native Corals in Reefs

    The fungia can all go in my tank to save the Caribbean, that is all :)
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    Red Sea Max Owners Club

    Hello. I used to own the original 34g RSM. Sold it last year, moved to Seattle, got a job, now moving to Kirkland, WA to a house that may just let me keep a tank. Could anyone in the club enlighten me (Send PM please?) on how their RSM 130D / 250 is treating them or what the buzz is on the 500...
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    orlando visit

    Welcome to Reef Central ludakris, it has been an invaluable tool for hobbyists to trade knowledge, problem solve, and advance the hobby. Sometimes it is also a victim of local hobbyists taking a zealous pride in their favorite local stores, too, but take it with a grain of salt, it sounds like...
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    help!! i need to kill my peppermint shrimps

    Has anyone had luck killing red bugs without using interceptor? Most of the time unless treated the corals I have heard people talk about would be complete losses after enough time goes by =\ Lionfish might eat the shrimps.
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    Did I get a Male or Female Rhomboid wrasse?

    Yeah you go by the fins on the bottom of the fish :)
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    So Happy:)

    hah looks like it with the light colored tips. Those were some of the most hardy amazing clones I've ever seen, and they always turned out so gorgeous and puffy and healthy
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    Can't beat ORCA!!!

    Hey you two, don't be strangers ya hear? I may be busy working with a job (and now a new dog!) but I miss you guys so much!!!
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    BWG and YWG, whats the difference?

    The blues seem to get a bit larger than the yellows from what I have seen.
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    I am going to be in Mercer Island for a few days any good reef stores?

    Check out Saltwater City over by Bellevue. I am a transplant from Florida and while I don't have a tank setup here yet I visited their store and was super impressed with the quality of livestock for a mom and pop looking shop
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    McCullochi's Anyone Want a pair

    Kudos for captive breeding success! I'll wait until the price comes down though :)
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    +1 on the filefish. See if one of the stores can special order in the Bristle Tail kind I know the one I had was awesome in my tank and Carole has one that helped, too. They are much easier to care for than butterfly fish :)
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    lighting ideas

    I really like sunlight supply's products. Their techlights are pretty sweet if you want something that is easy to plug and play. You can buy a hanging kit so they just dangle from a stud in your ceiling or you could probably suspend them from an arm. Depending on the dimensions you can get legs...
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    Should I switch to T5 Lighting?

    It sounds like you've made your decision but I'd still like to weigh in on the side of T5 lighting. You're running 800W of MH bulbs putting off heat with additional power with VHO. If you switched to a T5 system you'd be running maximum 8 bulbs x 80W (you could probably even use 54W but lets...
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    This little guy is too cute!!!!

    Nature has one of the best sense of humors I can think of.