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  • no problem bro, nice to meet you. Lemme know if your looking for anything else. also the club is trying to get rapid led to come to one of our meetings to teach us how to build your own l.e.d. lighting, i have been really looking forward to this. I heard maybe june or july, cya later.
    Hey, $20 sounds good. I'm sorry I didn't see this message sooner, I wish I could just PM. I will be in the Sacramento area this afternoon, give me a call at 920-202-0158 if you get this.
    I dont know, 20 bucks sound fair? I could meet you this weekend somewhere if ya like. I could throw in a frag of tyree ponape birdsnest if you would like, i have a bunch of it. I could try to take some pics if you'd like.
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