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    Green Buttons Turning Brown

    ive had mine under a 4 bulb t-5 fixture for over a year they do good and spred like crazy, is your ph low mine tend to brown up a little when my ph gets low. how old are your bulbs? did you check all perams?
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    fragging a bubble

    thanks but that really doent help me
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    Adding sump to existing setup

    I made my own with a U tube and connected a airlifter pump to it. works great very easy to build cost me like 30 bucks(not including the lifter pump but they are cheap), I used 1/4 inch acrylic.
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    starfish infestation

    I also got a harlequin to get mine out( they were eating my zoas) I feed my shrimp CC starfish
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    My dad found me some very porous rock, can I use it?

    i have a big chunck of lava rock in my display its mostly covered in coriline now it hosts lots O worms good ones.
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    progression pics of my candycane koko worm

    thanks, ill have to put up more pics, its tube already has one inch of new growth and the crown is alot bigger
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    bowfront center brace cracking

    i bought a used tank years ago 55 bow there was no center brace ive had it going without a brace for 3 years i plan on draining it soon and useing acyrlic in the center. when I bought it I didnt know much about tanks and thought it would be ok. the people that sold it to me cut it out and had it...
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    flame scallop

    i have heard of people keeping them for more than a year
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    progression pics of my candycane koko worm

    I dont know if you want to feed directly down the tube that might **** it off more since it just started growing its crown back I just put a drop of phyto near the front and rear hole, ya I was a little ****ed when I got mine home and a day later i find out its regrowing a crown I was wondering...
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    Frogspawn pooping

    thats awsome
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    coco worm curling tips of tentacles?

    mine does this too and its growing like crazy
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    progression pics of my candycane koko worm

    21 views and no replies......................... awsome
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    progression pics of my candycane koko worm

    picked this up 3 weeks ago at my LFS he told me it was healthy I took his word, it finially came out of the tube after a day and I could tell it just started growing its crown back. since then its grown an inch on the tube and its gills are growing fast week 1 week2 week 3
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    Reefers In Chambersburg PA???

    well hello from mt top, if you ever want to trade anything let me know