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  • cool cool any particular kind of t5 i should get for it? when u gonna pick it up? also should i get a power head?
    yea i still want it does it come with bulbs or do i need to get some?also do u think i should get a power head? i found one for like $15 how much water flow is too much?
    yea im on usally after 12 lol and its not a refund its an extra paycheck lol so it will prolly be around $300maybe a little less im tryen to decide led or t5 lol led wont get hot which is good for tx lol
    thats cool so if u want to look at ur tank at night and stuff u use the blues. and thats really cool about the fixture just let me know cause i found some moneys for them haha and what trip were u on? are u back yet?
    hey those leds that u found me do u leave them on all the time or turn them off at night and if u wanted lights at night what do u use? ill be checking this at work so u can write me lol we can talk while at work bahahaha
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