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    Should I???

    I removed mine a little at a time over the course of a few months and didn’t have any problems.
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    Will Fantasy Football for coral

    Oh yeah!! I’m in and I have some frags to add to the pot this year.
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    Mushroom removal, need suggestions

    You could just rip them out if you’re not worried about killing them. Grab and pull.
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    Gold, orange, or other bright mushrooms

    I have some nice ones in New Port Richey. Send me a pm if your interested and I’ll text you pics. I have some really bright red ones.
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    BobbyV's New 50 Gallon SCA Starphire Cube Build

    Welcome back Bobby. Look forward to watching the progression of you new tank.
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    Dosing saturated kalkwasser

    Why don't I see more people dosing saturated kalk with a doser instead of using it in their ato? I plan to use kalk only in a small lps tank and I'm going dose kalk like I do with my two part. I'll adjust with 2part once a week if needed.
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    Sump for 3' Shallow Cube

    When you want to clean your sump it will be more difficult and it makes it hard to see if something gets in the sump you may not want in there. Like dropping something metal in there where you can’t easily see it. The less opportunity for something to go wrong in this hobby is the best...
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    Sump for 3' Shallow Cube

    Did a quick search and found this one.
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    Sump for 3' Shallow Cube

    Too much going on in that sump for me. One baffle for the return pump is all you need. These sumps are a pain to try and clean. They do look cool though.
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    Ora joe the coral colony for sale.

    Yeah. Tom is the man. He has some really nice acropora. Thanks.
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    Ora joe the coral colony for sale.

    I’ll take it. Sending pm.
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    FS: bunch of frags

    How big are the pink lemonade frags?
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    LF: Internal Skimmer (Lower End Octopus or similar)

    I have one like new in box $125.
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    Need help with Red Slime/red hair algae

    I have beaten it by siphoning it out and water changes.
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    FS: High End Fish and Coral for Sale - Breaking Down 300DD

    When is the tank going up for sale?