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    Harem tank

    just keep one thing in mind as they get bigger you will experience fighting and killing.
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    Sps rtn

    well, i closed my eyes when i drive, i only open my eyes when i feel a bump, i dont know why people keep dying in afront of my car.
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    ID Plz

    the pic against the tank is the best picture i got before give it a very nice hot bath before down the drain.
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    ID Plz

    the dropoff is about 54-55ish gallons, i built it myself 3 weeks ago. its my summer anemone tank upgrade. it's not fire or bobbit worm. i had fireworm before, since i have no lost of fish almost ever i highly double it's bobbit worm. it's not bristle worm as far as a typical one. i dont think...
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    ID Plz

    couple days ago, when I was feeding my display tank, I found a portion of a worm about 8" long still alive and flying out of the rock, since it's big and I didn't lose any fish or coral or anemone, I didn't make a big deal out of it. today i found other parts of it, the background drop off tank...
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    Waterfall needed?

    you want different in height between the tank water and the overflow water. any different will do the trick.
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    Touching the haddoni

    no chance, its better it didnt get out. you will see the skin start to rot next few days, then it will died.
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    Removing fish from SPS tank for 2 months

    i wouldnt do that, since you already taking the time to catch the fish, do the copper treatment or CP if you worry about sensitive fish.
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    Removing fish from SPS tank for 2 months

    nutrients don't come from your fish, they came from the food you feed. so as long as you adding food into the tank. you will be fine. unless you are not adding anything,i mean anything at all, ich will always find a way into your system. so its better make sure your fish is healthy and can fight...
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    Faded Greens

    check for nudi
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    Stronger dosing pump

    wow, you asking a miracle pump that has anti-gravity built in. lol kidding aside like mcgyvr said, if brs dosr cant left 12", something is wrong with that pump itself.
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    Oregon Tort substitute

    anything that solid blue will be spendy.
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    Help with random STN of SPS

    rtn/stn from top down with all para in check can be a sign of overdose on trace elements.
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    GOSKN5's 180 gallon

    personally i will change all ball valves to gate before going forward.
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    Dino Algae? Need help eradicating! (pic inside)

    1. dino x will do the trick, if no effect, try 2. 2. you have the dino will response to high no3, bring it to 10ppm will solve the problem.