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    40 Gallon Breeder for Sale - $50

    I am selling a 40 gallon breeder for $50. It is in great condition. I had intended to build a frag tank, but we got pregnant and everything else got in the way. I just don't think that I will get around to using it and hate seeing it sit empty. Let me know if interested, I will definitely...
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    FS: Cured Live Base Rock

    I'm interested in some if it is still available! Thanks! -Chris
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    GB opportunity Apogee Par Meter

    Hey Paul, Things are great! I've been telling Brook for a while we need to get back into going to the meetings. I just need to do it!
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    GB opportunity Apogee Par Meter

    Depending on when you do it, I'd be interested. -Chris
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    Plumbing two tanks into one sump: ideas?

    I wouldn't overflow into the tank below. Have both of them overflow into the sump. And the middle tank needs to have a valve on the supply side to restrict flow. A valve is not needed for the top tank, unless you want it as an isolation valve.
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    Vodka dosing?

    I'm going to start in a few days. If you read SunnyX's tank post in the SPS keepers section, it's an amazing resource for vodka dosing. He recommends using Brightwell Aquatics' MB7 a few days prior to dosing vodka. That's what I'm planning at least! Hope this helps! -Chris
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    hmm.. 2 mandarins have died in my tank. any ideas?

    Still, in a 55, I'd probably supplement the pods with tiggerpods or arcticpods once a month. Mardarins and wrasses are pod hogs!!!
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    Anybody need some frags?

    What color is the plate?
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    Thinking about a VorTech MP10...

    Right now it's on crest mode probably at 30%. I can't hear the motor over anything else in the room. But I haven't had a chance to really mess with the settings yet. Hopefully I'll have time to tonight.
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    Thinking about a VorTech MP10...

    I have an MP10. I put in on a 20L last night and didn't think it was very loud at all....And it's supposed to get quieter in time...I'm ultimately putting it on my 40B, but I haven't gotten that up and running yet... - Chris
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    Question about fish

    Also, I would be worried about the large temperature swings though. 74.7 to 77.8 fluctuation is quite a bit. I think that the heater (as long as it is watched, to make sure it doesn't malfunction and overheat) is a good idea. -Chris
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    Question about fish

    My heater was malfunctioning this summer and the tank was consistently running 85 degrees during the day. I lost several SPS, but my fish had no problems. Just wondering, if the fish did happen to have a parasite, wouldn't the higher temperatures help it complete its life cycle faster?
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    Which one would you do?

    Yeah, it would be.
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    Question about sand...

    abigdog1976, Absolutely! Although, I wouldn't pay the premium for the "live sand." The tank will make it live pretty quickly. pudge957, I would just put a powerhead in the bucket to keep it oxygenated.