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  • Yeah, I think our systems are close. You have T5s or MH? I'm also curing some rocks I made about a month ago. Ever make any rock?
    You goin to that fish place? I went there last summer. Was impressed with the equipment, and store, just not so much with the fish. I may have just been expecting too much though. I told Matty, you guys HAVE to go to 'a reef creation' right by the buffalo airport. He said he's been to one up there, but there's about 3 of them real close together, but that place is by FAR the best reef store around I've seen. Blows away that fish place, and the 2 places in Erie I've been to.
    oh ok, cool...thanks, i have only had it since late august so its young. i just got a gold stem torch today.
    next week im heading to lancaster to pick up a rainbow bubble tip anemone.
    Thought so. This is Ben Swanson. Matty Olson was telling me about your tank. And he showed me a pic, looks sweet
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