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  • Bob I have a 110 gal rubber maid the club owns, the 40 gallon is on loan right now. Let me know when you need it and I will hold it for you..

    Does the Club have any large holding containers like the Big ones John had loaned you guys when you switched tanks. It will be a while but In a few months I will have to switch out to the 300 dd.

    Could you cut me a piece of clear bird netting a bit around 55" X 24". And possibly bring it to the next meeting or Sea World. I have a 75 gal fresh water that I need a cover for. Thanks.
    Do you have any contact info for a member Tanya Tyo Tanyat? She has a very over due book and the # I have is no longer connected (813-365-0947)
    how are you doing.. Im new to this site and im wondering if u know anyone that could be selling live rock and dry rock at a good price?? you can text me or call and leave a message 813 802 0331
    can u give me any information about starting my tank its salt water and only starting any info would be brilliant
    yup everything looks good. I dipped everything and all I found was some brittle stars. Allz well!
    Count me in Russ. I'm currently in the process of setting up a 150 so this is perfect timing. Will you please pm me your telephone # so I can get instructions?
    Many Thanks -- Phil 727-847-2791
    Glad to see you lurking again have missed not hearing from you. Hope all is well and that you had great holiday season. Happy New Year!!!

    Russ , Thank you . We had a good holiday , hope all was good for you , and Sue . It is good to be back , and I'm sorry you all had a bad time with the big tank . I hope everything comes back even better , before the mishap . I plan on being at the meeting this month , so I will get to see you guys again , and see the new tank as well . Ted
    Cool, I'll try to get by there today. I'm off all next week so if I can get the stuff today, I can get them done before I'm off.
    Russ , Sorry I didn't get back with you sooner . I will bring you some Gorilla Nipples Saturday . Mark (Grouper Genius ) said Gorillas are hard to milk , are you sure your up to it ? Ted
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