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  • Hey Collin,
    I'm going to be opening a store on the shoreline. Looking for a fish and coral geek to manage my fish department. I know you live in the area. Know anyone around that would be interested?
    Hey Collin its Country. Do you think u can give me a call. I have a few ?'s about your tank,stand and flow system. I am going to set up a 90 gallon and wanted some advice. When ever you get a few minutes give me a hollar (413)-896-0795, Thanks
    Hey. I traded u a mag 12 for a mag 7 months ago. I decided to do a basement sump setup and i was wondering if we could trade back of its not to much trouble. It wouldnt be for a few weeks. Let me.know.if ur able to trade back. Im posting on here cuz it says ur inbox is full
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