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    no water change EVER is my goal

    Gary, Are you on a well? Did I read that correctly that you started with tap? If so, I'm intrigued. One of the biggest hurdles I had with my system at home was the fact that my well water was so high in TDS.
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    Good pellets for tangs?

    Cully, When I was in the game, I fed my fish NLS exclusively, with the occasional nori and they thrived. Big, fat, healthy tangs.
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    Clownfish Harem Tank

    Fantastic! :thumbsup:
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    Dreaminmel's 120g Build

    :wave::wave: :bounce1::bounce1: Can't wait to watch this unfold!!
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    Cully's SCA 120 build

    Very niizzzeee!!
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    400 Gallon SPS Build In A 900 Gallon Mixed Reef System

    Please rename this thread "Eye Candy". Looks great! Love following along!
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    Starting over: what would you do differently?

    Capt- Do you have a Carbon Doser regulator for your Ca reactor? If not, that's the change you need to make. Once you get that bad boy dialed in, you're good to go. Remember: Calcium reactors are actually named incorrectly. They should be called alkalinity reactors, as once you have the reactor...
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    Happy Father's Day? Maybe next year. Tank leak!

    Ugh. I'm so sorry. I am all too familiar with that sickening feeling. 😞
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    Happy Father's Day? Maybe next year. Tank leak!

    I feel ya, man. Good luck with the decision.
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    My 90 gallon build thread ...

    Still a work in progress. I've got it drained, and will be patching up the closed loop plumbing inlet tomorrow. Should be ready to fill shortly thereafter.
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    My 90 gallon build thread ...

    Looks awesome!
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    Salt Water Mixing Stations Let's See Them

    Here's an old shot: RO/DI goes to the top barrel. ATO dripped from there into the sump. Saltwater mixing happened in the bottom barrel. I would open the valve to fill the barrel w/ RO/DI from the top, add salt, and let a Maxi-jet work on it for a few days. When ready for a water change, I...
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    Converting to African Cichlids- Livestock for sale

    MiaCoral- you have a PM. Shooting for 10 am tomorrow.