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    id help please

    Dave - That sure looks like an pencil urchin from here. Connie
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    WTB/T frag tank

    How about a 33 gal long? It's 4' long and I think 12" tall. $25 in Akron. Connie
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    FS Serpent stars and live sand

    Serpents range from ~4-10". The two largest ones are actually brittle stars. There are at least 10 different serpent stars of various types.
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    More leftovers FS

    Carole - Sorry, just sold the Orbit Saturday. You are right, the bulbs were 150 watts. My mistake. Connie
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    FS Serpent stars and live sand

    Serpent stars $10 each. Live sand actually free if you'll just come and get it (Akron). Connie
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    More leftovers FS

    Tunze Streams have been sold.
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    More leftovers FS

    72" Outer Orbit light fixture $400 <1y.o. 3 250w HQI MH Power compacts and moonlight Sits on 6' tank 2 Tunze Turbelle Stream 6100 w/magnetic holder $190 each used <1 year Large downdraft skimmer $175
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    FS: equipment, Live rock and sand

    Hi all - I've almost finished clearing out my system :( Everything will go to the LFS this weekend unless one of you claims it. Here's what's left: 1" Sea Swirl <1y.o $75 Iwaki WMD 30 RLT $50 Quiet One Pump $25 Venturi skimmer rated 250 gal. $100 sand from DSB - still live Also, son still has...
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    Scott's base rock FS

    Someone wanted my son's rock and was supposed to call him in a couple of weeks. His cell phone wiped out all the stored phone numbers, so if you were the person wanting the rock please get in touch with us. If anyone else is interested in the rock let me know. They are large pieces, probably a...
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    Moving sale

    There is still plenty of sand here if anyone wants to pick it up this weekend. Connie
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    Lime for Kalk

    Pickling lime is a seasonal thing in most markets. Usually available in summer when people are canning. So if you order more expensive stuff don't order a lot. You will probably be able to find it locally in a month or two. Connie
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    Moving sale

    I don't know if I'll get another tank or not. After 14 years in the hobby it's hard to imagine not having another tank, but when I look at my new house I just don't see a good place for a setup. Guess time will tell. Everyone connected with C-SEA has been so great that I hate to say goodbye...
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    Moving sale

    Thanks Briney for the kind words, but the tank is pretty sorry looking now. No rocks, corals, fish, inverts. Lights off, just some water and sand. Ugly, ugly, ugly! :) Connie
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    Moving sale

    We are moving and have decided not to take my 180 along. Will sell for $700: tank oak custom stand (needs refinished) Orbit 72" fixture with 3 150w HQI, PC's and moonlight, used <1 year Right now the tank has about 8" of water and a DSB that is 6 years old. I'm running a heater and a Tunze...
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    WTB - Skimmer for 75GL

    We have a skimmer in Akron that would be perfect for a 75. It's a venturi and can handle a 125 gal. Easy to use, doesn't need a lot of tweaking. $75. Connie