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    How to rig up hose to chiller without hose fittings?

    Looks like standard NPT fittings. Any good hardware store should have them. Peel off all the old teflon tape and put new teflon on the threads to help them seal. 3-4 wraps should be plenty. If you can't find them though let me know. 3-D printing threaded parts is no problem at all. Even...
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    How to rig up hose to chiller without hose fittings?

    Not familiar with that system. Is this a high pressure hose or a flow-through hose connection for the water? If it isn't high pressure you may be able to get something 3D printed. I may be able to help. PETG is considered safe for underwater use, it's basically the material soda bottle lids...
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    Am I taking a risk with this float shut off for my top off?

    OK, just read the rest of the post. I do not recommend tying the output of your RODI directly into your tank. Use this float valve with a reserve tank you refill occasionally. If you enable your RODI, run for a few seconds and then stop, and do this continuously, you can get TDS creep...
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    Am I taking a risk with this float shut off for my top off?

    I've used a similar float valve for RODI refill since I got into reefkeeping in 1996. Do NOT dose Kalkwasser or any other chemical through it and you will be fine. Kalkwasser will eventually cause either the valve to be plugged and not refill properly, or you will get a calcium deposit at the...
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    Chaeto lighting VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for I

    I've got one of those growing some nice tomatoes and lettuce currently. VERY BRIGHT!!
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    Most efficient way of increasing evaporation

    This time of year, no, not very humid. Give it 2 months. We get the triple H thread between May and September. Hot, Hazy, Humid, every day.
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    SC Aquariums Owners Thread

    Just got my 24 inch 50G starfire cube in today. Looking at water movement, what is everyone using? I'm thinking about 2 Tunze 6040s with the controllers linked. Thoughts?
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    Jay's SC Aquarium 50g Starphire Cube Build

    Just pulled the trigger and orderd this tank. Tank only though. Time to build out the rest of it.
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    Orphek Atlantik V3+! (Lots of Pics)

    I'm looking at their compact now. They are quoting me $675 for the light and $75 for the module. Anyone know what this module is and is it necessary? I'm not interested in turning the lights on from half way across the world so if that is what the 'module' does, I don't need it. Right now I...
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    What type of power heads/ flow do you use / like

    Gathering equipment to set up my 20 inch cube and wondering about water flow. Obviously I want enough flow and the right flow to eliminate any dead spots, but I also want the tank to look as natural as possible with as little visible equipment as possible. On a budget as well, I don't plan on...
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    April 2016 Reefer of the Month---username in use!!

    So I've been on reef central since about 2003-4 now and I'm JUST NOW seeing the ROTM thread . . Congratulations!
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    What is this

    Looks like some type of amphipod maybe. Not too sure with that picture. See if it looks like this:
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    Silver Ball

    ^^ Yep
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    Good deal?

    yeah, need to rebuild the tank first. I have some nice lenses for an old Cannon AE-1 but no real way to adapt them to the Nikon Any recommendations in the $500-$600 range?