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  • I gave it to a LFS. I finally caught him and my wife didn't like seeing him held up in the critter container so I donated him to a LFS that same night.
    The foxface did NOT touch the bubble algae, he is very passive and only eats flake/pellet food, is a nice addition even though its not doing what I wanted him to. I got rid of my bubble algae by scraping it out and getting my phosphates under control.
    Which skimmer are you interested in? I have a couple for sale. I 'll be out of town until Saturday night.
    There is only one store in the High Desert, Aquarium World. It's a small store with some good stuff but I don't buy much from them. I typically use SoCal Tropical and Marine Depot for equipment and Age of Aquariums & Amazaing Aquariums & Reefs for livestock. Frags from other hobbiest. No club up here, the closest would be the Inland Empire one (IEMAS). Henry760 is in Apple Valley and is good guy to go to for corals.

    Are you in the High Desert?

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