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    gonipora, how hard?

    Penicillin will cure it
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    name that clown

    George Carlin :)
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    March TOTM Crashes!

    Maybe, I'm missing something here. I have read all the thread, and post's to this tank loss. Backup power or not ect ect ect. What saddens me, is mud flinging, should have, could have, would have. Fine..........Fore ME, I will be glad to send him frags, when he is ready. And leave it at that.
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    Not just locals losing tanks, SniperSPS bites the dust

    And it is a matter of health that you have the generator running. Get it!!? So if PD come. be prepared.... Looked at the tread, I will stay positive for ya. You have a fantastic tank. It'san honor to see such beauty. REEF ON
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    Solaris LED Illumination System

    They have 2 models, same price, they are getting another shipment in, already sold out of the 1st batch. Will be interesting to see how the boards holdup.
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    Life-expectancy of an acrylic tank

    Re: Life-expectancy of an acrylic tank JUST AN FYI,,,,, NEVER USE SUPER GLUE ON IT,IE fragging, drip
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    Powder Blue tang

    We need pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW
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    xenias are very hard to ship!

    When your getting them ready to ship, put them in a boal of tank water,swish them around a little, they will close AND slime, in a ninute, dip them in another boal of fresh tank water to rinse, then ship. There own sliming kills them. Good luck
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    tooo hot! tank temps rising.. what is too hot? what temp is your tank?

    Don't panic. My tanks swing 79 to 84,5 daily in summer, no problems
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    OMG it is sooo HOT today

    sleep time, I think I will crawl into a bucket if ice.
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    Too Hot???

    I wish I hadn't. Now i feel like crap!!!!! yuk, was going to do a water change, but the water is 100F, just can't win with the heat, and toooo funny, he is still lagging, maybe ya can get to bed, before a 2nd wind sets in, and he is bored, Good Luck with that!!!! I should of had an apple for...
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    Too Hot???

    sO WHERE'S THE KID????? It's still 90F, had clam chouder for dinner(does that make be bad??!!) now stuffed, hot and tired.... Where is the clam, MY CLAM,,,,,just kidding
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    OMG it is sooo HOT today

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    Highest Temp okay on Reef Tank?

    104f in the shade, just south of ya WValley