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    Water test

    Hey bud you should try a ATI ICP test. They will test your RODI along with your tank water. Otherwise you can find out what's in your water via your water bill or by going online.
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    Algae Reactor F.S.-Reef Octopus LR-150

    I have a very nice algae reactor for sale. Reef Octopus LR-150 It comes with red pvc plumbing, and the pump. Everything you need at less than half the price new. Wow, new it's super expensive but it is super nice. Price $250 pickup in Fullerton Thanks for looking and hit me up if you have...
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    WTB used fish

    Used fish lol I have a old can of tuna you're welcome to have. Perhaps a hooker might help you. Dose nitrogen is always a good idea
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    F.S. Milwaukee Refractometer, Kessill 500x

    Excellent condition (always cleaned after every use) includes plastic storage case. $60 Kessil 500x used for only 2 weeks in perfect condition. Includes box and everything that it came with sticker, lens. $595 Pickup in Fullerton
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    Hey Mods, can we get a "like" button for posts?

    I have to throw down a like to this [emoji106][emoji39]
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    The new Kessil 500x For Sale

    Who needs a light at a substantial discount? Brand new Kessil 500x (I only used it for 2 weeks as I went a different direction). Price $649 [emoji50]. Location for pickup Fullerton Message me if you have any questions.
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    RAP Cancellation Frags*

    It's because the club has to fill the hotel with occupants staying overnight, and for the weekend. If they don't fill it up with hotel guests, the club has to make up the difference.
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    F.S. Radion Gen5 Blue XR30

    Mods close thanks Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
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    FS and moving out of state

    Congratulations Rik, Hopefully with the sale of your home it's given you some cash to get a tank. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
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    F.S. Radion Gen5 Blue XR30

    Pickup in Fullerton, CA Used for two weeks at 50% intensity. The light includes the original box and everything that came with it. Manufactured Date Feb 2021. If you have any questions send me a message. Price $700
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    Blue Acros

    Tyree Superman Tenuis is a nice blue. I put my colony lower and it seems to be holding the nice blue. Oregon Tort of course smooth skin can't go wrong. Post a picture of the Gomezi
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    Pirates Cove 400 2020 Update.

    Just mount some LEDs on the side glass how about as nothings getting through those colonies. Wow, looks awesome. Your fish always mesmerizes me.
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    flower pot coral recover of health

    What changes did you make to get it happy and healthy?
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    Goni not opening after 24hrs

    Has your alkalinity been consistent? Your n03 is Zero?
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    Diamond Tail Flasher, P. attenuatus

    Looks bad azz to me beautiful bud!