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    LF BRS or phosban gfo reactor

    I Have one with hose, 2 media bags, new clips and new 90 deg. hose barbs and pump for $35
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    LF Nano/Mini Chiller

    I have one look at my post above you, it's a JBJ 1/5 hp for $225
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    FS-Korallin C Reactor/Denitrator/Deltec skimmer ect

    Hey I have some items for sale; * Korallin C1502 calcium reactor w/media and aqualifter pump incl. comes with PH top. $280 (Pinpoint ph monitor & probe, 5 lb polished CO2 tank also avail. for sale) * Korallin D1502 Bio Denitrator with unopened sulfer, aqualifter $280 * Deltec...
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    You know you have a nano when:

    When you don't stress about removing all your LR to catch the new tank pest!
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    3 New Mag Drive Pumps $60 each

    I have found that I had a near new Mag 18 and one Mag 12, LMK if your interested, Selling them for $60 each.
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    3 New Mag Drive Pumps $60 each

    Like the sign says, I have three Mag 12's (or near new) because I tried to use them on seperate projects that never got off the ground. I have the boxes and the price is firm $60. LMK, thank's, Mark
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    29 BioCube w/ Rockwall

    I realy like your rock wall I wish that I had thought about doing that before I set up my nano, glad you like your clowns, you guys might be friends for a long time, I have a Maroon Gold Bar Clown female for just over 14 years and a male for 8, they have seen the best of times and the worst of...
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    FS: Yuma rock.

    What are you asking for them?
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    Yes it does, most of these types of skimmers are affected by water level, it can be a little difficult to get the air/bubble adjustment right during the break-in period but after that it's set and forget. I'm going to mod my airline soon (Check youtube video under Tunze 9002 mod) it will make...
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    I have a 29 BC and recently purchased a Tunze 9002 with an In Tank skimmer cup mod and could not have made a better purchase.
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    Biocube Protein Skimmer question

    Tunze 9002 is working flawlessly in my BC29.
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    can you give pics of your 29g!!!!!!

    Here's my tank equipment, BTW look beyond the Tang it came with the used tank. This tank has only been set up for two months so it has not been decorated the way I want it yet. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG][/IMG]
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    OT: Sights to see?

    Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre, it's kind of an amusement park.
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    Sapphire Aquatics: Have they ripped me off?

    I love my Sapphire BC 24 skimmer this little skimmer really blows bubbles and skims nicely, I too had a problem with the skimmer overflowing the collection cup after turning off to do a water change but found that if I mounted an air line valve on the air inlet tube (after removing the clear...
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    Started a tech'd out Nano

    My wife is losing her job so we have to tighten the belt, and my new tank was a pretty loose belt.