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  • Hi there. I know its been awhile but the project got postponed due to funding. But I am told that I should be able to get funding for the next school year. Am about to start writing a proposal and get things started. First thing I am trying to figure out a budget. So far I have the following:

    Biocube HQI w/ stand $578.09
    Reef Dry Sand $25.00
    Tonga Live Rock 50 lbs $400
    Salt Water $75
    Clean up Crew $50
    Pink Skunk Clown Fish x 2 $40
    Bubble Tip Anomea $30

    This is just what I am seeing looking around online. I was also wondering about the possibility of also including either a goby and pistol shrimp or some kind of star fish. Not sure if they would all get along. Am I forgetting any other products? I know I did not include food or anything because I was not sure what to include. Same goes for testing kits. If you could give some info would be most appreciative. Thanks.
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