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    how to clean used tanks and filters?

    No dish soap Only acids IE vinegar or bleach I usually fill tank and run twith pumps ect... for a couple days and drain and do the same thing w/ winger and drain again and do it with tap water.
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    Have you/ Do you test your LFS water?

    I used to test regularly years ago as best I could but results varied because of way to much static in the tests. I know the test equipment is better now but now I don't buy water from an LFS. I do test my own water though. Anyone who runs an RODI utilizes a TDS meter right? I woiuld...
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    Got this in the mail today, should I be concerned? Chlorine Flush

    it is nice they warn you, so make up and store what you need prior to July 13th to last post August 14th. Everyone should take note of their comment on the difference between purifying water with chlorine and water containing chloramine. Chloramine will not dissipate like chlorine does...
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    Are we killing our eyes!!!!

    That is true for UVA but not UVB. However we run only very small amounts of UV light below the 400 nm level. IE > 6 watts LED UV below the 400nm level is recommended for 100 US gal saltwater aquarium
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    ATI True Actinic bulbs are a must in every combo

    Actinics help to complete the color spectrum for best growth but they do need to be paired with "sunlight whites" 65ooK and lower for completed spectrum and accelerated growth. This actually accelerates the growth of the Coral health by increasing photosynthesis in the zooxanthellae which...
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    corals all die every time

    Water params off and way too much lighting (2 x 175 mh 12000k and a 50/50 108 watt led) for a 42 G tank In old terms that's about 12 watts per gallon and enough light to fry most SPS much less softies. I cut that lighting in half.
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    ID? Small stream of sand being ejects from LR

    I wouldn't worry about it Could be most anything, so no need to expect the worst. I had the same thing happen in some of my live rock and it never amounted to anything. But I hear you, as it can be a little disturbing. .
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    How stable the rocks must be?

    Forget the Epoxy and drill the rock and utilize small PVC pipe or better yet acrylic dowels.
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    Need Help - Algae Issues going on 3 Months Now

    try increasing the flow in your tank w powerheads/ bigger powerheads
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    Flame Angels

    70-gallon aquarium with live rock Not reef safe as it will nip at coral both soft and hard and clam mantles.
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    Do you interfere?

    I enjoy butting right in and telling the potential customer exactly what I think right in front of the clerk. After all I am the customer and what the heck do I have to worry about. Besides they all know me and know I'll do exactly that, so they wouldn't ever say anything in ear shot of me anyway.
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    White Film / Carbon Dosing

    bacteria bloom. Wipe it off at night and your coral will feast upon it. It'll also make your skimmer foam up pretty good.
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    How to properly clean rock and put back in tank

    Scraping them off is what most people would do but then it is very possible to miss a single spec that will grow back. Get rid of the rock and you get rid of the mushrooms
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    What coral is this?

    E. glabrescens Torch