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    Best Battery Back up option for Tunze...GO!

    Could I use the clips that came with my battery tender? Also just did a quick google search so you could see...
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    Best Battery Back up option for Tunze...GO!

    I had a friend hook up my tunze safety connector to a deep cycle marine battery and he had to cut the connector off of the end of the safety connector to hook it up to the battery. Is there another way to hook it up to the battery without cutting the connector off? Whatever he did worked and I...
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    Ati fixture overheated!

    How do I get the exclamation point to go away on my dimmable ati 8 bulb t5 fixture. I let it overheat by not turning on my external cooling fans. I thought that you just have to unplug the fixture for 48 hours?
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    Id please if possible

    Tank is 120 and all rock is Brs shelf and brs tonga that was acid washed. Skimmer is a bk180. I'm not feeding a lot. I feed 1 cube of pe mysis per day and a small amount of pellets. Flow is 3 x Tunze 6105's . I had 4 but one needs repair. I was doing auto water changes 1 gallon per...
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    Id please if possible

    I'm about done with this tank after 2 years of this ...
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    Id please if possible

    I turkey basted the rocks and the next day it was back again. I think it's its diatoms because the snails are eating it. Here's another video. I don't have a lot of white light because of my t5 configuration.
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    A lot of snails are dead, but I think it's mainly cause they fell over and couldn't turn back over. There are definitely a lot of snails that are alive.
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    Dinoflagellates. Hopefully this link works. It's a video. I'm hoping it's not Dino's.
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    Id please if possible

    Hopefully the video works. Just click on the pic.
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    Id please if possible

    Not sure what type of algae this is. I can't get rid of it and it grows on the glass almost immediately after I scrape it.
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    Aquascaping, Show your Skills...

    Had to restart my 120 after a year and a half. I bought a prefabricated man made structure that caused an uncontrollable algae problem that I pretty much still have. The rocks also caused my Alkalinity to Rise on its own without dosing anything to levels that killed all my sps frags. Anyways...
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    I need about 10 to 20 pieces so pm how much you have with pics please.
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    The angel thread to end all angel threads: all owners of angelfish in reefs respond!!

    I'm thinking about getting a regal angel. Tank is Sps and high end chalice. Will it be ok with chalices?
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    Tideline Sumps from Trigger Systems

    What's the difference between tideline 36 and ruby elite 36?
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    Authentic New build thread

    What's the difference between the tideline 36 and the ruby elite 36?