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    i currently have a 75 gallon rimless mixed reef aquarium that i just upgraded to. i have 2 6095 pumps and the 7096 controller. i dropped the pumps down to 18v and have the pumps plugged into port 3 and 4 usind the wavemaker setting at 100 to 0 on inverse. i have a nice surface wave but i think my torches are getting to much flow. they are not open as much as they were in the previuos 36gallon tank. can you advise me on a good setting that will still keep the corals with the swaying motion. tank dimensions are 48l 18w 21h. i have the pumps positioned facing each other on both sides of aquarium about a 1/3 down facing up towards surface. is it better to position pumps on back glass of aquarium. also is there a setting to program the controller for feeding to turn pumps off while on vacation using the 7096. thanks again i appreciate it.
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