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    Amino acids .vs RottiFeast & OysterFeast

    In my experience, acros that lighten due to stress (shipping or light shock) can take a very long time to regain their coloration, much longer than similar corals that have lost their color from low N/P alone. I once had some Acros bleach from a timer that left a MH on for three days. It took...
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    an other Nano Osmolator Not Working

    How large is the aquarium? If it is close to or over 25 gallons, then you need to change the jumper inside the controller, as explained in the instructions. Please see pages 26-27. If the aquarium is smaller, please let me know.
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    how to know whether sps have enough flow ?

    I guess my opinion will probably seem a little biased. But my answer is, you can never have too much flow. (Though you can have improperly utilized flow, or flow of the wrong kind.) There's a little more on this in a blog post over here: Dear Aquarist, You don't have enough flow. Signed, Your...
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    Tunze 7092 Pulse/Wavebox Mode Change

    Hi, you may need to push the "+" button many times to switch to Pulse Mode. Just keep pushing it, and the modes will change. Look for the Pulse Power light to turn on. One 6055 is fine for this controller. Both modes will work with it.
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    Just hooked up the Hydor Koralia smart wave

    I'm not sure if you're aware of our newest Wavebox, the Comline 6208. It works well on tanks up to about 200 gallons. It's also about $250 cheaper than the full-sized 6215... so you might be able to hang on to your daughter after all. :lol2:
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    9410 Extremely Noisy

    Yes, the shaft is fixed to the impeller. They are together and should not separate.
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    tunze ato nano 3152 failure

    Nanz, please get in touch so we can resolve the issue for you. You can reach us at (512) 833-7546.
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    7092 question

    You can do 30%-80%, just turn one of the two white dials all the way down (this will be 30%) and turn the other 8/10 of the way up (this will be 80%).
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    3155 overfilling my tank...

    Thanks, Derek. It looks like the end of the tube is well above the reservoir water height. If that's the case then we can rule out the possibility of a siphon. Please keep an eye on it over the next few days and let us know how it goes.
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    3155 overfilling my tank...

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    Live Zooplankton vs Cyclop-Eeze

    I'm not sure what would be in the live zooplankton you get locally, but I think the Cyclopeeze would probably be just as good. Many have great success feeding zoanthids mini-mysis or generic frozen coral foods. To be perfectly honest, it really doesn't make much of a difference. Crushed up...
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    Help! Tunze 9002...

    Please email me at Sales (at) so I can send out some replacement silicon pads for you. They are there largely to prevent scratching, but also help with noise reduction. Great observation about the lack of a rubber gasket. There is actually a gasket, of sorts, but it's a gasket made...
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    Quieting a Durso

    I agree with this. You're missing a part, the cap, to have a complete Durso.
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    The Brown Acropora (TBA) Project

    Nice! Looks like they won't be brown for long.
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    Need help plz

    The white things are sponges. They are normal and nothing to worry about.