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    Bubble King Skimmer Club

    I would not say they are the best of the BK design, Theres a reason the deluxe's cost more. :) They are a great skimmer though. I agree though if you can get the sm over the mini for a 180 gal i would.
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    AI Vega

    Since the vega will be wireless i doubt it, Unless theres a way to hard wire them like the SOLS. I would not want to use a wired connection with a wireless fixture. JMO
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    Iwaki. Best of the Best?

    You will be hard pressed to find a more reliable pump on the market. I have seen them run for 15 years plus without a hiccup. The trade off is noise/energy. Its not the quietest nor the cheapest to run, But it is a work horse.
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    Any One Have An Older Jager Heater?

    Depending on year it was made it COULD vary but i dont think so. I would use a small bucket of water you know the temp of. Plug the heater in and pull the pin turn the dial till it just go's off. Let sit for a couple hrs plugged in and see if the heater is is correct temp to be maintained at...
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    Wavebox with Apex

    Ahh now i see my error. LOL i typed 1 rather than 1/10th. LOL I was able to get a 3 inch wave with another brand controller with 2 6100's on a 180 gal. I get a half of an inch of chaotic waves with 2 6201's on a 300 gal with the apex. Thats the best i can get. I should be able to get a lot...
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    Wavebox with Apex

    Every time i have tried (Not to say it is not user error) the pumps would would not sync and be basically worthless to what i was trying to accomplish. For example. I wanted to take 2 tunze's and have them on and off seperately to create a wave. My tanks needs a resonance around 1.2 to 1.8...
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    Android App - development updates

    Wish i had my asus transformer prime in. Just waiting for funds to clear. LOL Good luck with the app! Thanks Henry.
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    My new flower anemone from PetCo. Surprise, surprise!

    Nice find. All the local petco's near me don't carry anymore livestock for SW.
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    Wavebox with Apex

    Apex cannot controll the wavebox settings because they are set in 1/10th of a second increments. Apex can only go down to 1 second. You can get close but not a true resonance.
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    Bubble King Skimmer Club

    Now thats some nog. :)
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    Bubble King Skimmer Club

    Have you tried to see if the airline tubing or the nipple on the venturi is clogged? (where the airline connects to the pump) It will build up with salt creep or calcium precipitate. Also check the silencer for salt creep. For the broken pump i don't think it will be a quick remedy as it might...
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    Vertex cerebra

    I am going to get one too, But at a later date. LED's tapped me out. LOL
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    Bubble King Skimmer Club

    Is there mini stars or snails getting into the pump? Every once in a while i get one sucked into the pump and have to inspect. I also use a mesh bag to trap them and use a grated vent for my return pump. Once in a while one does sneak in. (Small one) I'll hear the pump squealing and i know that...
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    Surge suppressor on Apex?????

    I am installing a new panel/w/surge, and having it in zoned for my generator. A flip of a switch i can zone off power and see how much juice is being used in each zone. I'll have 6 zones in all.
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    Surge suppressor on Apex?????

    Why not a Whole House Surge Suppressor / Surge Protector? I mean for everything you own prolly the best bang for your buck instead of a bunch of smaller ones for tv/radio/fish equipment ect.