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    NEW LFS in the COPA!!?...

    I read that this store was already up for sale. Something like $40k+ Not sure if that is true or what the situation is.
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    Let's see your FTS!!

    plantastic, looking good !
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    FS - 48" IceCap T5 retro setup

    Have a 6 bulb - 48" IceCap T5 retro setup. 6 bulbs with 6 IceCap reflectors. 2 IceCap 660 ballast (wired for 3 bulbs per ballast) Have 1 ballast with actinic and the other with daylight. Each ballast has the IceCap heat sink included. Note: all bulbs need replaced, they are well over 1.5 years...
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    Carbon Question

    I have done exactly per the above with no issues. btw, good to see you back online Jay.
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    FS - 125 gal

    72" long x 18" wide x 22" tall
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    FS - 125 gal

    bump..... $200 for all of it. If I can't get that amount, I will sell off the live rock and store the rest of it.
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    Ugh. Rbta in powerhead

    I had one get in my powerhead once and did some major damage. He wasn't dead so I left him alone and he moved under some rock, split and came out a few days later as 3 nems. He ended up fine, but I tried to keep a close eye on him afterwards to make sure one of the clones didn't die in the tank.
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    FS - 125 gal

    No, I had a HOB Overflow box when I was running it full time.
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    FS - 125 gal

    no, not drilled
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    FS - 125 gal

    Revised: tank, stand, canopy, over 60# of live rock, live sand, IceCap 430 ballast running 2-48" T5bulbs (both bulbs are very old and need replaced) $250 total Had some interest in buying live rock separate from the tank. I am horrible at guessing weight of rock, so you can use the picture for...
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    Metal Halide Pendants with bulbs for Sale $100

    I have to say, as sure as the sun rises each day, aquainas's equipment is always of the best quality and condition. Mint condition means practically new.
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    FS - 125 gal

    Price is for only the items listed above. I have a couple of Hydor powerheads that I might sell in addition, if you were interested. The light on there now is a "crappy" retro of 2 - 48" T5 bulbs that are almost 2 years old and are far past replacement time. I would include the light if someone...
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    FS - 125 gal

    Standard size 125 gal tank with canopy and stand (these were hand built). Includes approx 60 - 80 # of live rock and approx 100# of live sand. Tank is still running but removed sump so limited filtration going on now. $275
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    FS - 55 gal sump w/mature DSB

    No one needs a 55 gal sump? If you have Nitrate problems, this DSB can definatly help. I will be removing it from my system sometime on Sat or Sun. Please make offer or the DSB will die once removed.