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    My Chiller Setup **Lots of pictures**

    Rancos Rancos You can get Rancos all wired and ready to go at a real good price from I have had one that I purchased from DIY for almost two years. Works great. John
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    Please help ID this Macro

    Looks like it, BUT: Looks like it, BUT: Hey, It looks like it, but the fronds on mine are longer, but you really cant tell from that small sample. I sure feel special have a rare unknow :). LFS just gave me another $20 credit for about two weeks worth of growth. John
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    Please help ID this Macro

    Frond length Frond length Actually they are more like 4-6 cm.
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    Please help ID this Macro

    Ludwigia, Thanks for the offer. It does seem to be a rare one. I will insert comments: How long are the cyndrical, fingerlike projections ? About 3 cm? YES 3 CM Does the plant exhibit distinct calcified rings,-NO RINGS or bands that encircle the entire upright ? NO Are the tops fuzzy ...
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    Please help ID this Macro

    Here it is out of he water: Here it is out of he water: Subject says it all: Thank you, John
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    Please help ID this Macro

    This Macro began to grow on a rock about 6 months after the rock was added to my system. I moved it to my 'fuge where it has become the dominate player. I have showed cuttings to several prominent authors in this hobby, but none were familiar with it. It grows fast and does not seem to go...
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    Looking for some chaeto....

    Got mine from Premium Got mine from Premium I bought mine from about four months ago. Real nice quailty, and growing well. I would suggest that you buy two bunches. I also believe that usually has it.
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    ID my caulerpa please

    Asexual Asexual I have found that the large grape, Racemosa, goes asexual frequently while other caulerpas that I have do not. Anyone else have experience that indicates racemosa seems to be more into asexual activities than others? Otherwise, it is a nice fast growing and good looking...
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    Osmolator starts a siphon?

    Run at 7V? Run at 7V? Roger, Does it hurt the pump to run it at the 7 volt setting? (Only one foot of lift is required in my setup. ) I would like to do this to maximize the safety advantage of the 10 min. shut off. In other words, less water and KW would be pumped in the 10 min time...
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    Your opinion on pump sizing

    Transformer model number Transformer model number Roger, I have a 6110 Stream kit that includes the 22 volt transformer and Single Controller. I am thinking that I may wish buy the 12 volt transformer. Just to be very sure, please give me the part number for that 12 volt transformer that...
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    Your opinion on pump sizing

    about same? about same? Roger, It seems to me that the 6110 turned down to min speed would be equivlent to the 6000 at about 95% of full speed. Is this fairly close to being correct? Thank you, John
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    So what do you think about "Aquarium Clean"?

    AcquaMarine Aquarium Clean JB, care to venture an opinon on this product? In general and specifically on reducing cyno and red slime. I am using it, but not sure it is working. Might be helping. Just not sure. What about their PO removing bacterial product? Thanks, John
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    Macro algae for a refugium . . same old question

    Thanks, Thanks, Thank you Anthony and Tippy Toes... I will chew on those links. John
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    Your Opinion

    Thick head here... help Thick head here... help Sorry pal, but I do not understand what you are saying... does this mean you would prefer TM or IO anyday? Thanks, John
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    Macro algae for a refugium . . same old question

    ID ID Can you recommend an online information source for IDing the various Calurpia? (other than grape :).) Thank you, JOhn book sounds more awesome than ever.