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    Bubble algae

    The vibrant will compete with the hair algae. They claim they have special types of bacteria that actually target algae and attack it, but I'm not sure how much it effects hair algae. It certainly does for bubble algae though. Either way, it's nitrifying bacteria and it will compete with any...
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    Bubble algae

    I'm with the others. Vibrant has never failed me in any battle with bubble algae.
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    What to bring to a frag swap

    A cooler is definitely a great way to keep your temperature on point. Y'all are forgetting the most important thing to bring to a frag swap: lots of cash! Haha
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    Club Box Swap

    Cody from Houston here. I'm helping get things set up for the conference, and yeah things are busy here. Either way, I am down to put up a few frags of blue Cali tort (~1.5"). I'm a massive fan of anything that's sps and blue, so I love to see those up for trade! We have some other folks...
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    Is this the exciting future of Live Rock? Must See!!!

    This is interesting. The biggest concern I would have is how difficult it is to stack. I'd like to see some pictures of structures made out of it.
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    Interesting things happening with Calcium

    I would guess that you don't have a heavy SPS load, in comparison to the readily available Calcium. With that much water volume, you have a lot of Calcium floating around. I remember reading that if all of the carbonate in the ocean precipitated out instantly with Calcium, the ocean's Calcium...
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    corals all die every time

    With that much live rock, I'm thinking that a large die-off is probably the case. However, water changes are the best tool you have in our tool box. Why not do them? With that small of a tank, water changes are a cinch. As far as lighting, just put one of the halides over the tank and call it a...
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    corals all die every time

    How much live rock do you have in the tank? Again, I'm thinking that if he has an adequate amount of LR, there's no way his Ammonia is getting that high. He must be in the middle of a spike. If so, then the water changes should bring the number down to manageable numbers.
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    corals all die every time

    You're right, with ppm his Alk is fine. I thought I read dKH in there somewhere. Anyway, you're going to want to do large water changes every few days if your Ca is really that high. This will bring down you Nitrogens as well. However, you need to stop dosing for Ca and alk. If you're just...
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    corals all die every time

    What test kits are you using for your Ca and Alk? I didn't even know that most would go that high.
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    corals all die every time

    How do you look at that high of alkalinity and say the problem is ammonia and nitrites?! He said he had some success before and I would imagine his alkalinity was much more in check then. If his alk and calcium recently started getting that high, then I'm sure there was a huge dying off in his...
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    corals all die every time

    ?!! How do you even get levels that high?!! I'm not saying that's the only problem that needs to be fixed, but holy crap, that's definitely a factor! Also, if your CF lights were working before, then why did you change them? If I had to guess on another potential issue, I would say that you...
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    TheDoogan's shallow rimless tank.

    Just a heads up to anyone trying to build his mounting bracket in the future. The permanent marker idea worked great when I did this a couple of years ago. It truly starts to disappear when the metal is hot enough. As far as the torch to heat the bar up, scrap that. I used a propane outdoor...
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    American Made

    You know, I have read a lot over the past few years about how poorly made Chinese products are, but I have a serious question: what products aren't made in China anymore? I've noticed that a lot of companies tote the "assembled in America" flag, but where did the components come from? Assembled...
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    My 36 Gallon Bowfront Build (Lots of Pics)

    Gracias, senior. There's much more DIY to come with the new update. I completely redid the lighting and skimmer and built/learned how to use a router table. My acrylic skills have taken off. I'm still not perfect, but I'm learning all the time.