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    Captive bread clownfish wont host BTA

    Also, I can’t tell if that is an occelaris or percula, but neither of those species naturally pair with a bubble tip. They can and sometimes will use one in a reef tank but it isn’t an anemone that even the wild ones would have seen in the wild so they met not recognize it as a possibility. Even...
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    Micro brittle stars and maybe some fish

    I would love some of the micro brittle stars next time you have an extra batch. How big is the diamond goby? Have considered adding one again but not sure if I want to deal with the sand everywhere.
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    UV Serializer question...

    I believe they are water cooled so if the quartz tube isn’t fully submerged you may run into an issue where the tube overheats and possibly cracks. Not really sure how feasible that is if it is mostly submerged though.
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    Zoa Melt

    Anything we can’t see that may be sending sweepers out at night and stinging them? Leather allelopathy?
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    Blue/purple playing sponge coral for sale or CDP

    I’d like a piece but am out of town for a week. If you can hold onto a piece that would be great. I have no idea what my cdp points look like. I’ll buy a frag though.
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    Which Vortech Pumps 10 or 40 for my 75?

    I had a 40 and a 10 on a 48” 90 gallon tank. Get the 40 and you will be happier. The 10 had to be turned up considerably higher to push water across the tank which will have a more detrimental affect on pump life than a spacer. I’m not even sure how a spacer can affect pump life honestly. My 40...
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    For sale rose bubble tip

    Have a rose bubble tip that didn't like it's position in the tank and decided to let go of the rock and try and float away. Found it still barely clutching to the rock when I got home from work. Have had the anemone for a couple of years and it has split a few times. Base is about an inch and a...
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    Found my pom pom crab

    He’s yours if you want him. I have him floating in my sump in a container right now. I have a few things to do still this afternoon and my wife wants to go to dinner. I’ll pm you my number.
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    Found my pom pom crab

    Are you anywhere near south county by Gateway?
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    Found my pom pom crab

    Breaking down my biocube and found a pom pom crab I added a couple of months back. I haven't seen it since the day it went in. Still has both poms. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. If I add it to my main tank it will likely be dead before it hits the sand due to my puffer.
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    Local tank raised sea horses.

    Gateway Aquatics had some locally bred ones yesterday. Not sure of the species or if they eat frozen.
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    Current best heater

    Personally I would have two heaters on their own controller like the inkbird or the BRS one plugged into the energy bar and the apex as a back up to shut them off if their controller fails. I have never had a heater fail off, just on. The apex sending an alarm and shutting them off at 80 can...
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    Black Friday - What you get?

    Avast skimmate locker, PM2 with conductivity probe for Apex, second temp probe, gyre interface module for Apex, Milwaukee digital refractometer, some float switches, small plumbing parts and some dry food.
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    SLASH behind the scenes tour

    Just paid my dues as I was expired. I can’t wait for this one.
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    How do i tell what my floor is made of?

    If you have a wooden first floor as evidenced from the basement description, you likely have a wooden second floor. Maybe not a hardwood floor, but you would have wooden joists with a wooden subfloor under whatever floor covering there is.