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    The Life Reef Skimmer Club

    If you convert it to recirculating you will probably have much less or none air bubbles going out of skimmer (less of water flow) and better performance but that is harder to notice. If you decide to go that route try to feed it from tank return. -acrylic is pretty easy to drill just use...
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    Ozone catalysis

    No one have answers? .....
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    Ozone catalysis

    what gac actually does? trap o3 molecules? or is only for byproducts in seawater(bromide)? is there any other ways than gac to destroy ozone or its byproducts in water after reactor?
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    Ozone catalysis

    yes,a good designed reactor is a best method to use ozone. how much carbon you use and how often you change it? it seems that because ozone a bacteria does not foul gac/pores and last somewhat longer than used for chemical filtration of reef tank still i would like to hear more about catalyst...
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    Ozone catalysis

    Do anyone have experience with catalysts products for ozone? For destroying ozone in air, ie, convert it to harmless O2 would such products be much better choice than GAC? Safer to humans? Because then a ozone could never escape trough such filter?
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    Really good ATO (autotopoff unit)

    I have Tunze optical sensor for more than 10 years, few times a year i soak it in vinegar and it looks like new
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    Jebao pumps

    Anyone know a diifference between models? DC, DCP, DCQ, etc.. are parts interchangable between them? I was looking at dc 3000 , dcp 3000 and a dcq 3500 ones, : can i use same rotor, impeller in them? Controller?
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    Ozone questions

    In your opinion, is air filtering more or only important? So that we are sure that there is no o3 left because its bad for human healt? Or water need be filtered as well? Because even small dosage of o3 can make enough byproducts(bromates?) to be toxic for tank inhabitants? There was reports...
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    Ozone questions

    Thank you for link but still no clear answer about carbon (minimal) amount
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    Ozone questions

    In process of making and setting of small ozone reactor(up to 50mg/h of ozone and tank is less than 100gals) Is there any know size or recommendation for reaction chamber? My guess would be that for such relatively small ozone ammount it can be pretty compact? That is my goal, a unit compact...
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    psk 1200 skimmer pump

    Maybe you could fit a hydrofoamer on it, they are similiar in size and its robust pump, mine still going strong after 6 years of use Sicce have four models of psk, and some newer atb-s also use psk
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    Need new skimmer pump

    you mean hydrofoamer? great pumps
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    What filtration is your favorite?

    It is, but diy with vinegar/votka is much cheaper form :)
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    What filtration is your favorite?

    carbon dosing is like updated berlin method, hard to beat that
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    Replacement impeller for vertex 130

    tunze hydrofoamer 9410 would be good match for that skimmer, or you can try some dc pump