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    Need a good light for 13g

    I run my old AI Sol at about 65% on my overcrowded 13.5 AIO.
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    Par38 led's on a nano

    Not sure on the questions but LED lighting is the way to go with less heat and broad range of features available. I run an old AI Sol (90+/- watts) at 60% on a 13G with great success. I filter via ATS. Welcome back
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    Green algae on glass and rocks

    The algae is sucking up the NO3 & PO4 and a balance will come about as the tank matures. I would continue what your doing with a bit of a reduction in food. I have had success with algae turf scrubbers and weekly water changes on an overcrowded 13.5.
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    Best GFO or similar PO4 absorbing deal now?

    An ATS (algae turf scrubber) removes pollutants with chemical intervention.
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    Canister filter

    My guess is your using to much vasoline. I recommend wiping the seals after applying the lube using a clean lint free cloth until there is only a shine remaining. The seal is not a moving part thus the lube is there to keep it from bonding to the surfaces it is sealing. ��
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    Algae? Coating glass and appears dusty when using the Magfloat to clean

    I suggest you start with water quality testing for at least NO3 and PO4 levels and adjust your maintenance procedures to keep them within acceptable ranges, i.e., frequent water changes and reduced nutrient reduction. Lots of info on here about water quality and maintenance. Good luck.
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    Growing Cheato With A HOB Fuge?

    I tried a bit of cheato in my 13.5G AIO for a while but cheato go into the tank and began to flourish everywhere as the tine strains easily climbed to the rock work and everything else. Took forever to eradicate. When back to an ATS, much easier to manage IMO. Good luck.
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    Making my own Algae scrubber

    I use a river type spanning the rear 2” of a 13.5G AIO. The return feeds the ATS that slopes only 3” to the exit at the other end. Made out of plastic Home Depot trim board and a 9 watt 12” strip light. I scrape about 20g of tightly squeezed “green” every 10 days from a 12” x 1 3/8” mortared...
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    Green Hair Algae out of control 13.5G EVO Tank

    My extremely overcrowded 13.5G has been running for 18 months on an algae scrubber and a 100 micron mechanical filter screen in the first overflow chamber. No carbon, GFO or or other additives. No hair algae to speak of, NO3/PO4 remain very low or zero. My scrubber is a river type that spans...
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    Return pump suggestions?

    It's not clear if your looking for a flow pump or return pump from the sump. That pump wouldn't be adequate as a return at that volume IMO.
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    Current USA True lumen blue?

    I use one all blue with an old AI Sol white running half power on my 13.5. It does an excellent job balancing the overall light toward the blue spectrum. It’s been running flawlessly for two years ��
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    Dosing on a 20g

    My animal population demands human attention while I'm on vacation so a neighbor drops by daily to feed the cat and check the tank (food and dosing). I actually have a dosing pump but adding all the automatic equipment and associated cords, tubing and media containers is too much for my display...
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    Dosing on a 20g

    I bought 1 pack of 10ml syringes online and fill 5 with my daily ALK dose and 5 with the daily CAL. I tap in a few ml of each as I pass the tank each day. Couldn’t be more simple or less expensive. I have a 4 channel I used on a larger tank but simple is better for me.
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    Talk me into, or out of, an algae reactor

    I used several configurations of ATS over the years and each out performed GFO or whatever other NO3/PO4 extraction technique I’ve ever tried. It takes a bit of time to get it dialed in but once configured the only recurring cost is, ah, almost nothing compared to a container of rust (GFO)...
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    Algae reactor effectiveness

    I too have had great success with various types of scrubbers on several tanks, 13.5G to 80G. All DIY and all maintained low levels of NO3 and PO4. The beauty of scrubbers is that thy will automatically react to increased levels of pollutants without additional additions/changes.