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  • Sounds god. Tell Jeff I said "Hi" and to drop me a line some time.

    Yea, spend some time riding it before you take it down for paint. I spent a good 6 months doing body work and paint. Long time to be without a ride.
    I'm on the Cape St George (CG 71). That sucks big time about the tank, those were some great fish. Waking up to silence is never a good thing. I'm sure you'll get it back to greatness. I've got custom paint on my bike, but I'm not a big fan of it (orange/black) so in a few months when I get more comfortable riding it I'll be getting the paint done again. Jeff's down here again too. He's working for ATG, bought a house down here and everything seems to be well.
    Hey Zach,
    Long time no hear.
    Glad to hear things are going good down there. My tanks been kind of so so over the last year. It's basically become a FOWLR. Just a few soft corals are staying alive. I lost most of my big fish. Tripped the breaker on the return pump one night and didn't notice til I woke up at 2 am to silence. Found my big fish all floating gasping for air. Lost 9 fish total. So the tank has just been kind of hanging on since then.

    Glad to hear you got a bike. Don't know which bike you saw last. I've got a '06 road glide right now that i just finished off the body work and custom paint job on. Running a 95" motor, 103 HP/104 TQ. I ride down that way on occasion when I attend meetings down there. Which ship did you wind up on? I don't remember.
    Take care and Happy New Year. Just drop me a line if you need any thing.

    Hey Ray!
    It's been a few years. Down here in San Diego now. Got a FOWLR going, had a 120 reef but the ship schedule is just to demanding to keep it up. I figure a FOWLR can take a lot of abuse and still keep going. Got my first bike, it's a 00 FXDL. Love it! Hope all is well.

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