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    How to measure UV wavelength?

    Sorry, slightly off topic from reefing but is there a fairly easy and cost effective way to test the wavelength output of both florescent and LED lighting? Specifically I'm trying to determine the UV wavelength output of these types of lighting. I purchased a $500 chroma meter (TES 136)...
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    Sighting: aquaculture mega tanks

    Haven't been through in a long time but while browsing craigslist free section today in New Haven area found someone (probably fish farm) giving away 2 giant tanks. Maybe someone here has a flatbed and a desire to get into serious farming. Just thought I'd mention Keep up the hobby. I'll be...
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    Getting out for awhile

    Sorry for the delay in posting everyone. Jersaint was first to PM. Tentatively picking up this weekend. thanks all
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    Getting out for awhile

    Thanks Jeff, Yes I know I will be. It's just a matter of time.
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    Getting out for awhile

    Sorry, forgot to mention I'm in milford
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    Getting out for awhile

    My tank needs a break from me. Unfortunately I have slowly been losing interest in the hobby over the years and need to take a leave of absence for awhile. I'm embarrassed at how bad it has gotten over the past year but to someone who has some time and patience I offer what is left in the...
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    KENT TECH M locally?

    I know I've ordered it from bob at cultured aquatic in the past. He gets it in pretty quickly at a good price.
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    April Meeting Trade Thread

    Phil, I can't make it to this meeting but hopefully sometime soon I can get your way for some Xenia.
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    April Meeting Announcement

    I was hoping this was to be my first club meeting in some time. Unfortunately have to travel Sunday to the UK(I guess that's really not unfortunate as I plan to get my fill of Guinness. ). Jeff's a great point of knowledge for all things energy related. Hope to meet up with you soon. Did...
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    Emery's 120 gal build

    Wow. Awesome how nice it's progressed.
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    club Par meter

    Me as we'll. I'm ok waiting till it's in the Milford area. No hurries.
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    2 Euphyllia with brown jelly

    I suspect it's opportunistic in my case. I've had this colony for many years and this occurred once before. I haven't added or traded in over a year. I have a perc clown that hosts in it and am guessing from time to time it damages the coral thus allowing infection.
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    2 Euphyllia with brown jelly

    Yeah, I posted as well about two weeks before FFM. Hit my frogspawn. I did some cutting and lost about 10 heads but it finally stopped. Wonder what's going on.
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    Tank Woes

    Was the 80 a new tank? Any chance of toxins?(metals). Maybe try heavy metal/chemical remover for a month? Sorry, that sucks. Did you notice any signs of cycling after the transfer?
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    Brown Jelly Disease

    Sorry to hear. Ran into the same issue with my torch last month. Good advice as mentioned to siphon off the jelly as often as possible and frag. I lost about 1/3 of it and it did spread to one acan frag and kill it. Some other softies were irritated by the issues but recovered fine. Good luck!