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    Please help- mandarine dragonet
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    FOWLR-96 x 24 x 25

    Both of my tanks are FOWLRs. For the lighting I use the Currents. Really like the built in sunrise, sunset, and they are on sale. ATO I have 2 of these, have not failed me yet...
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    My 240g FOWLR

    Great looking fish Peter!
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    Cleaner Shrimp in Pieces :(

    cool story.
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    Cleaner Shrimp in Pieces :(

    This is how we learn...when I received my first fish tank Al Gore had not yet invented the internet. 😃.
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    Cleaner Shrimp in Pieces :(

    Are you sure he did not shed? If there are hiding places and he shed his outer shell he may be hiding until the new one hardens up.
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    Qt/fallow/ttm myth???????

    The very first time I did TTM it failed. I had to slow down and perform the transfers more carefully. Since then it has been fool proof. Just my experience...good luck.
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    Clownfish with fin rot?

    How are the clowns acting toward each other? Also, when you say QT for a month are you just talking observation?
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    Clownfish with fin rot?

    Ragged, torn, or missing fins Research: a) Fin Rot and Tail Rot (bacterial) b) Marine Ich (parasite) c) Ammonia Poisoning in marine fish d) Uronema (parasite) e) Brooklynella (parasite) f) Marine Flukes (parasite)
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    is my madarin thin?

    Is that sand on him or possibly something else?
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    weird stuff in dispaly rack

    I agree looks like Pineapple Sponge.
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    Dwarf Angels

    That is a pretty small tank for 5 dwarf angels. Do you really want to watch them kill other?
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    Fallow period but keeping Ruby red dragonet in DT

    The chance you are taking by leaving him in the DT is the ich may attack the gills where the slim coat is not.
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    Cryptocaryon Irritans - tank transfer method

    Hello, in the middle of TTM on a Powder Brown Tang. When using Prazi during TTM is it ok to use Prime in the same tank as the Prazi?
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    Ok now I am completely confused about ich

    That would be like saying my dog always has hook worms. Bacteria and viruses that give us colds are transmitted through the air and surfaces. Proper hand washing being the best way to eliminate them. Parasites have life stages stop one and you stop it from reproducing.